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(Monday , April 11 , 2005,3:21 p.m.)

Almost everything below is true. ALMOST everything. Yes, I'm killing Crotch of Danger. Reasons:

  1. my current situation in school (ie: failing most of my classes, severly behind on my senior project, Extreamly large posibility that I might fail this year due to absences)
  2. My emotional state (ie: My random fits of depression, anger, and horible guilt over really small stuff) and most important of all:
  3. I'm not really having fun.

Next, yes we will start a new comic. We're will it be? On Keenspace again probably. We'll probably move somewhere else later on but for now we'll stick with Keenspace. Lastly, I WILL NOT tamper with the script much. I'll be adding a few jokes in here and there but other than that, No screwing with it. Oh and I don't suck at writing! I can write a linear script if I put my mind to it! Anyway, I'll be mosseying (spelling?) on now. Live long, and Stay Frosty.

"Good game...Bitch"

Red Run
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"W3 12h D34d!"

(Saturday, April 2, 2005,11:00 p.m.)

Hey! Turns out that the reason theres no comic is because of me! I was going over the story particulers for Chapter 2 and discovered that they were just a bunch of randomly assembled ideas and vague hints of forshadowing that hint to events that have absolulty nothing to do with any of the characters. Needless to say I asked Tai about it and he said that was the outline for the rest of the story. I asked him if he was out of his mind. We argued a little then came to an agreement. We agreed to keep things 50/50, him on art(since I can't draw worth a damn) and me on scripts(since he can't really write worth a damn). Make no mistake, He's fine with the random zany comedy stuff but when it comes to making a nice linear script, He sucks (sorry Tai!:) ). The second part of the agreement is that we where gonna start something completly new. A nice comedy story...sorta...I hope. Neway, expect the ending to come about some time this week. Details about the new comic will come later too. C-ya's you pancakes...bitches.

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