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The easily annoyed heroine of the story. She exposed to a strange virus(on the way to the store for pills, she loves pills!!)called pulse , which turned her into a Zombie of sorts. Through some strange turn of events, she traveling across Canada with Ni trying to get back to the college life she loved so much. She often complains about the lack of intelegent story progression on behalf of the author and enjoy's pointing out the various plot holes scatered throughout the story. The stiches on her face are from a her last boyfriend, who was very much into S&M.



Playful and cunning. Ni is the token bisexual assasin disguised as a geisha. She was assaigned to kill Ichi. But seeing as how Ichi is a Zombie, that plan went right out the window. She now travels with Ichi just for the simple fact that she wants to fuck her...again (yeah...she got Ichi drunk and had h0t L3sb0 s3x0r with her!!!).

The Kok

OMG t3h K0k!!!

Not very thrilled about being cut from the first beta of Crotch of Danger, He does everything he can to appear in the comic. Often found traveling with Kuiko (Small mage girl with big hair) and Yukihina (Also small child [they're both legal you sickos], She's very easily pissed off). He romes Canada in search of our heroines.